restoration services

We offer services in preservation of special garments such as restoration_photo1wedding gowns and restoration of garments from mold and mildew caused by water damage and extraction of the smell of smoke from fires.


Wedding Gowns/Dresses:
Having a tangible memory from your special day is important to you and you shouldn’t trust just anybody to clean your wedding gown. We know how costly and precious wedding gowns can be, so come in and let us tackle those dirt stains on the train, champagne stains, or that smudge of cake icing. We take extra care with wedding gowns and use our knowledgeable pre-treating and cleaning techniques to gently but effectively remove odors and stains from between sequins and lace.
Also trust us to not only make your wedding gown look like new, but also to box it up in our special wedding gown preservation box. You can store it with ease and the peace of mind that the next time you pull it out for a walk down memory lane, it won’t be moth-ridden or covered in mold.

Water and Fire Damage:
We know that no matter how careful you are, some things are out of your hands. We also know that accidents happen, but we don’t think that’s any reason something cannot be salvaged. Fire and water damage to clothing can be tricky, but with care we can restore your clothing back to the original state by removing smoke odors, water mineral residue, mold, and mildew.