Professional Dry cleaning

professional dry clean services

All cleaning is performed in-store by certified professionals with experience, know-how and care.pro_services_photo
We offer superior cleaning quality of garments ranging from everyday clothing to clothing for that special occasion. Everything from business suits to tuxedos, casual dresses to wedding gowns.
Don’t be afraid to let us turn back time on your household items such as comforters, bedding and delicate table runners. Let us handle the cleaning of your precious items with our knowledgeable experience and superior technology.
Here’s a list of just some of the services we offer:
Laundry service
Formal attire
Casual wear
Impeccable stain removal treatment
Leather & Suede cleaning and preservation
Water and fire damage restoration
Wedding gown and cleaning preservation
Cleaning of household items
Table linens
Upholstery covers
Sleeping bags